General Construction Projects

A large warehouse with lots of metal beams.


A man in an orange jacket standing next to a wall.


A room with brick walls and concrete floors.

Centre Block/ Retaining Wall

A room with metal framing and steel studs.


A close up of a circular saw cutting concrete.

Saw Cut / Core Drill

A bunch of pipes that are hanging on the wall


A room with walls and ceiling being built.


A skylight on the roof of a building.


A person is using a roller to smooth the floor.

Heated Floor

A room with some windows and brick walls


A large building with many windows and doors.

Windows & Doors

A close up of the white trim on a wall.

Finished Carpentry

A metal railing on the side of a building.


A room with mirrors and boxes on the floor.


A large hallway with pillars and lights in it

LED Lighting

A large silver oven with two ovens in it.


A bathroom with two toilets and three sinks.


A room with a wooden floor and brick walls.


A blue handicap sign on the side of a building.

Handicap Ramp

A large office with many desks and some lights

Cubicle Space

A couple of people are standing in an office

Reception Desk Lobby

A kitchen with a bar and stools in it

Bar Wine Cellar

A group of blue and yellow electric motors.

Chiller Cooling Tower

Two large doors that are open on a building.

Loading Dock

A store with many clothes on display in it.

Retail Store

A fireplace with wood burning in it

Fire Place

A room with glass walls and a table in the middle.

Conference Room

A room with many racks of computers in it

Server Room

A microphone and a recording equipment in a room.

Sound Proof Room

RA-V General Construction Corporation

Property Maintenance



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RA-V General Construction Corporation

Residential Construction

RA V General Construction Corporation has been providing individuals and businesses with unparalleled professionalism when it comes to constructing the buildings that fit your requirements and budget.

RA-V General Construction Corporation

Commercial Construction

It takes years of experience to construct excellent commercial properties. We have worked with many companies in designing custom buildings for their businesses. Efficient planning and effective use of space is what we pride ourselves in.


Industrial Construction

Industrial construction is a specific form of building that requires expert training and highly experienced workers who can multi-task. Projects are run by a bevy of managers, engineers, and architects.


Property Maintenance

At RA-V General Construction Corporation, we provide exceptional property
maintenance services for your residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

RA-V General Construction Corporation

With You till Completion

From designing, generating blueprints to post-construction inspection, we are with you till the completion of the project. Our experts keep you informed of the process of construction. Get an estimate today!