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A room with metal framing and stairs in it.

Steel Framing Contractors

Did you know that using a Tower Steel Building kit can reduce construction time by up to 33%? This speedy construction not only saves time but also money. Here's how to do it.
Steel buildings help you save time and money in a variety of ways.
In the construction industry, time is money. Total costs climb with each additional day of construction.

Construction that is completed quickly saves money in five ways:

Labour costs are lower: Labor is often the most expensive component of any commercial or industrial construction project. The lower the labour expenses, the faster the construction is constructed.

Fewer Delays: As a building project progresses, the likelihood of costly weather delays increases. Contractors and subcontractors may put the project on hold and go on to another project, wasting even more time. A Tower steel building kit erects faster than other building methods, allowing big construction projects to be completed in weeks rather than months.

Insurance costs are lower: The less time spent on building, the less money is spent on builder risk premiums.

Security Cost Lower: Faster construction implies less money spent on job site security.

Early Move on: The sooner the building is completed, the sooner the owner begins to profit.

How Our Structures Help You Save Time
Tower prefab steel buildings are designed to take full advantage of steel's higher strength, resulting in less wasted time and materials.

Already Engineered: A steel building kit that has been pre-engineered is already compatible with all current local construction codes. Building inspectors are not a hassle to deal with when it comes to bringing construction up to code.

Fewer Pieces: A prefabricated steel building from Tower Steel Buildings requires considerably fewer framing elements to generate a much stronger structure. Steel columns with a 25-foot span are installed using a robust steel framing method. Wood frame, on the other hand, necessitates 16-inch stud spacing.

Easy to Assemble: A prefabricated building from Tower Steel Buildings arrives ready to bolt together. Every component is cut to length, welded into shape, pre-drilled, painted, and marked before being assembled. Wood framing, on the other hand, necessitates sorting and culling to eliminate bent or damaged studs. To build walls and rafters, each piece of framing must be measured, sawed, and fastened together piece by piece.

Fewer Errors: Human errors that waste time and materials are reduced by using factory-produced framing parts in prefabricated metal construction. A high-quality steel building kit is easy to assemble. As a result, a prefabricated steel building from Tower Steel Buildings can only go up one way: the proper way.

Welded Clips: Unlike low-cost steel constructions, a Tower prefabricated steel structure comes with factory-welded clips. Our welded clips make it simple to locate secondary framing on the mainframes, which speeds up the construction process. Welded clips are also more durable than bolt-on clips seen on lower-quality prefabricated metal structures.

Tower steel buildings are easier to erect, which helps maintain your construction project on schedule and budget.

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