5 Tips for Home Designs Based On TV Shows and Movies

TV shows and movies don’t just offer a source of entertainment; they can also provide a lot of inspiration. Whether you’re building a new home from scratch or remodeling your current home, the extravagant sets used for television and movies could create some inspiration. If you have your sights set on a specific design, then follow these steps to help bring the designs to life.

1. Use Official Blueprints

When planning home designs, contractors rely on blueprints to plan and build. You can provide blueprints or plans that were designed and created based on TV and movie houses. TV shows like Dexter and The Simpsons feature homes with highly detailed interior designs.

Using the designs, contractors can plan out measurements and details you want to include. Some blueprint options also include exterior house details. For example, the iconic floating house in the Pixar film Up has been featured in blueprint designs. 

If you use blueprint designs, look for high-quality files so contractors can see small details and information.

2. Capture Hi-Res Screenshots

Actual footage from TV shows and movies will help home designers plan out specific elements, including walls, window placement, and ceiling designs. One of the best ways to provide specific details is through high-resolution screenshots. 

One of the easiest ways to capture screenshots is through a computer or laptop. Use streaming apps with the movies and TV shows to watch in the highest quality. When a scene comes up that showcases the house features you want, take a screenshot of the paused scene and save the image. Build up a gallery of images to show a contractor. 

Add notes to each screenshot to provide more detailed information and specific elements you want to see.

3. Read The Art of… Books

For several years, movies and television shows have released in-depth books known as The Art of… titles. The books give a behind-the-scenes look at a production. Many times, you will get clear glimpses at the creation of set pieces, including houses. View early production plans, including possible blueprints and construction design.

The small details can add up to create your house design. Purchase the books to have permanent copies or search for the books at local libraries to flip through and see if the pages contain any details to assist with home planning.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Photos and Videos

Supplemental promotional material gives you a better glimpse at houses and set designs. Seek out cast interviews or making-of documentaries to view more details about a home. As you check out the behind-the-scenes information, you will get better angles of designs. Wide shots will often showcase a whole set all in one view. 

You may even get to watch first-person tours as actors and directors carry cameras through a tour of a film set. Many online video sites will feature videos, along with supplemental material found on DVD and Blu-Ray discs.

5. Exterior Filming Locations

While a lot of interior shots are filmed on film sets, the exteriors are often shot on location. With actual locations, you can find alternate photos taken from fans that highlight different elements of a home. A contractor can use those pictures to plan the exterior design of a house.

If the houses are located near you, you may visit in person to see the details for yourself. Take photos and video clips to present directly to a contractor. Capture additional details, like side-views, or extra features, like garages. The more content you have, the easier the planning process will be for the contractor.

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