Fire Place

A large outdoor living room with a fireplace.


Your fireplace not only adds value to your home, but it also serves as an eye-catching focal point that can represent your home's personality. We wanted to share some of our favourite winter fireplace décor ideas with you because winter is the best time to relax by your fireplace. These winter fireplace mantel ideas can help you make the most of the frigid months ahead.

Have you gotten your chimney swept and inspected this year before we get into our favourite winter decoration ideas? These services are necessary to keep your chimney safe and functional.

Here are some fantastic winter fireplace design ideas to try this season.

Vintage fireplace decor for the winter vintage fireplace decor for the winter vintage fireplace decor for the winter vintage.

This is the perfect fireplace inspiration for you if you have a traditional design home with an antique feel! Begin by locating an antique sled and some well-worn ice skates. These are maybe stuff that your parents have hidden in their attic. If not, go to several thrift or antique stores in your area and see what you can find. Next, add some garland, pine cones, and other vintage accents to create a captivating fireplace that harkens back to a bygone era. Before lighting a fire, remember to move them away from the fireplace entrance.

Winter in the Farmhouse is a farmhouse fireplace that is decorated for the winter season.

If you have a farmhouse-style home, be inspired by this lovely design from the Worthing Court blog. This simple design evokes the spirit of winter in a subtle way that will last long after the holidays have passed. The space will have a peaceful, wintry air thanks to the combination of light timber pieces, evergreen branches, and modest galvanized village cottages.

Winter fireplace decor that is both basic and seasonal

Modern Glam's design inspiration allows you to keep things simple. When it's time to put away your holiday decorations in the new year, keep a few basic, wintry decorations on hand. To emphasize your fireplace, add some garland (gold, silver, or green) and a basic feature in the background, such as the exquisite mirror displayed. This will allow you to repurpose decor that you most likely already own for the duration of the winter season.

Don't be scared to be creative with your winter fireplace decor ideas! Use your existing winter fireplace decor and go to local antique shops or craft stores to discover interesting new items to create your winter fireplace mantel ideas.