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Small Retail Spaces: 5 Low-Cost Retail Design Ideas

The first is the wall system. Choose the right wall system for your budget and the quantity of space available. Using Slatwall panels on your walls is one way to do so on a budget. Every year, our staff sells hundreds of Slatwall panels and considers this wall display solution to be one of the most cost-effective wall displays available. The only issue with Slatwall is that it is often overused in retail stores due to its low cost. When our design team works with a retailer to establish a Slatwall arrangement, we recommend that the Slatwall be installed in portions rather than spanning the length of the walls. This allows the store to breathe between product lines and allows customers to get a better sense of the general arrangement of the items. This also limits the quantity of Slatwall sheets that must be bought.

3. Fixtures for the floor Don't be content with the same old floor fittings. Traditional floor fixture designs, such as tables, Slatwall gondolas, and Slatwall towers, are often recommended when our crew assists a business on a budget. These display designs are widely accepted in the business, however, they are only available in a few finishes. By providing enhanced finish options for the stock designs, Creative Store Solutions has changed that. So, if you want a red or purple value-line table or slatwall fixture to fit your store's theme, we can now manufacture it. Yes, it's a little more expensive, but we believe it's worth it because it provides the merchant with the uniqueness they wanted but didn't think they could afford.

The Rack is number four. Because chrome racks are inexpensive, they may not be the best option. Don't just buy the cheapest chrome square tubing rack you can find while looking for garment racks. It's all about individualism here, so pick a rack that matches your theme. In your new sports-oriented store, a Raw Steel polished rack with visible weld marks and defects in the metal might look better. And guess what? The price difference is less than 15%.

5. Keep graphics on hand. Is the story being told by the visuals on your walls complete? The last thing a new retailer wants to think about after they've set up shop is hanging signs and banners on the walls. Even if they have considered it, once they see the image and printing expenses, they are unlikely to proceed with the purchase. Going straight to the source and calling your vendors is one approach to getting the best photographs for free. Maybe you sell New Era hats or Nike shoes. Guess what these corporations pay athletes to do? They pay them to take images. Contact your sales representative to see if they have an image library you may use. You will at the very least save the cost of the image and, depending on the volume you order from the various vendors, you may even save the cost of printing.