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Even in the kitchen, technological innovations have altered what is possible. We've gone a long way from the days of iceboxes and ticking kitchen clocks, so don't overlook the technological aspect of your kitchen design. These are some of our favourite ideas for making a smart kitchen that actually feels smart.

Alexa/Google Home

You can set numerous timers, instantly retrieve recipes, and even have recipes read to you using hands-free devices like Google Home and Alexa. Cooking becomes simpler and more enjoyable when you ask your device to play a podcast or make a "Kitchen" playlist with your favourite tunes to listen to as you work.

Stations for charging

We enjoy charging our phones, iPads, and cameras in a drawer with a built-in charging station. This not only frees up counter space while ensuring that your devices are fully charged, but it also keeps them hidden (and, maybe, out of mind).

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Screens that are hidden
Small TV displays or tablets can be used to assist with food preparation or give amusement. You can designate a shelving space or be creative by hiding a screen within a cabinet; just make sure to prepare for a cable hookup and wiring.

Appliances for the kitchen

While you may not require high-tech kitchen appliances, they are certainly entertaining. Choose a refrigerator with a touchscreen and the capacity to stream music, a stove you can operate from your smartphone, a trashcan you can open with the wave of a hand, and a microwave that customises its presets based on your usage if you want to take kitchen technology to the next level. Keep in mind that technology advances swiftly, and high-tech kitchen appliances may need to be replaced sooner than low-tech counterparts.

Bowling device

This one is a little low-tech, but it's for tech. We love the notion of having a large dish in the middle of the table where everyone who sits down for a meal must put their phone. This insures a technology-free supper, vibrant discussion, eye contact, and a much-needed vacation from our cherished gadgets.
Kitchen technology may make cooking and working in the kitchen more convenient—and enjoyable—so keep it in mind when planning your kitchen design.

A kitchen sink with vegetables on the counter.